About this website

Hello to all of you that have stumbled onto this blog! This is a pet project that I have had in mind for quite some time but that I never really had the time to explore. In a gist, the aim of this blog is to explore certain themes and another stylistic devices found in anime in an analytical fashion.

As for disclaimers, I would like to be transparent in that I do not hold any degree or other qualifications related to the study of language or expression. What I do have is a keen interest in stories and in the way they are told. I consider myself to be at least familiar with the media that is anime, having delved into it from a young age and I have accumulated a good number of binging hours under my belt, but again this does not make me an authority on anything.

I merely wish to explore certain aspects of the shows I like in the same way other media such as books and movies often benefit from, as I firmly believe that the stories told in anime, in their own way, have nothing to envy to other media forms and that they deserve as close a study as more traditional media formats.

That is why I wish for the aim of this blog to be a someplace where I can share my , hopefully not too off the mark, insight and impression on the works I have seen and share these with you all out there. Happy reading and I hope you won’t be too hard on me!



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  1. Welcome to aniblogging! Once you start reading some blogs, you’d realize that it’s a pretty chill place. I love your writing style already, and look forward to more of your posts!


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