Writing about Ghibli is scary!

Hi guys, I hope all of you are safe and well out there! Thought it might be interesting to share some of my thoughts about that latest essay I wrote about Porco Rosso.

Its no secret that Ghibli movies enjoy a special status, and for a good reason! The sheer amount of work and skill that goes into making one of these is frankly amazing. That alone is daunting, but when I started to realise what exactly I was about to do is when I really started to apprehend the task ahead!

To many people, in and out of the anime community, Ghibli movies are pretty much sacred and universally loved. Of course this applies to me too.

Thats why when it was time to ‘put pen to paper’ I genuinely freaked out for a bit, it felt like I was about to defile or desecrate a holy being of some sort! There is plenty of amazing anime out there, but few are so genuinely beautiful like Miyazaki’s work.

I had no confidence in my ability to do this justice , who was I to try and analyse a work of this beauty, right? Although, when I did start to write I gradually eased into it. Do I think I managed to do it justice? H*** no, In the end there was so much I could either not make work with the rest of the essay or just not put into words! Probably my biggest regret is failing to discuss more Gina’s characterisation and her relation to Porco ( might re-visit that later).

All in all, this was definitely an enriching experience, even if it felt a bit like taking on a behemoth. I definitely made me realise that there were things that needed to be worked in regards to my writing style and structuring !

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