Eren Yeager, The Story So Far… ( Attack on Titan, Original Work, Hajime Isayama)

Submerged under the grand history of humanity’s heroic stand against its monstrous oppressors lies the tale of Eren Yeager; a dream of an ineluctable search for wings clipped from birth. The world weaved by Hajime Isayama is ridden with palpable tension and tragedy, its inhabitants living in constant fear of the menace that lies beyond […]

Flying, Freedom & Nature in Laputa : The Castle In The Sky (Studio Ghibli)

Flying, a dream for Miyazaki to paint and for the viewer to embrace. Persistent and unmarred in a body of work that spans an ocean of significance, the notion of flight is unassuming yet essential to Miyazaki’s work. The oneiric quality that distinguishes his work is often held by a meticulous but vacillating sense of […]

The theme of duality in MONSTER , Studio Madhouse (original work, Naoki Urasawa)

Monster is an introspective work on the human condition; it challenges our understanding of good and evil through the collection of very personal stories interwoven with our protagonist’s chase of the titular monster. A recurring theme throughout this journey is that of the duality of the things that we perceive; coins are always two-sided Urasawa […]

The Grotesque in Dorohedoro, Studio MAPPA (Original work, Q Hayashida)

Anime is an art of the visual, its aesthetics often betray the intention and motifs behind the story. Sometime, breath-taking and grand sceneries work in synergy with vibrant colours to paint pictures of beauty and tranquil feelings. Dorohedoro is none of that. It is a dark, grimy and chaotic show that wallows at times and […]

Escape in A Whisker Away (Original Work, Studio Colorido)

Life is like a storm. In its winds, we are thrown and whirled in chaotic mayhem. The works of Mari Okada have a flair for pulling on the emotions of lives fraught with doubts and sadness, yet her stories never stray from the value of life. In ‘A Whisker Away’ we experience alongside Miyo Sasaki […]

Writing Insight : Thinking of the future with Miyazaki and Shinkai.

First of all, I probably need to apologize for not having done one of these in a while. I have no excuse besides sheer laziness, I’ll try to be more consistent from now on! Incidentally, I will probably have too since my work schedule is normalizing again, which means its going be unlikely for me […]

Growing Up in Spirited Away (Original Work, Studio Ghibli)

Beneath the mesh of colours and imagery in the worlds that sprout from the imagination of Hayao Miyazaki is a subtle organic quality. There is an appeal to something truly fundamental within us; a nature that perhaps the viewer himself has drifted away from. The world of Spirited Away is whimsical and serene at times, […]


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